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This two-player strategy tile game is easy to learn. The object is to be the first player to build an unbroken river from its source on your side to the source of the opponent’s river on the opposite side. The base tiles are laid out in the river valley. Each tile has a portion of both the white river and the black river, but the rivers are broken. Each player in turn uses the tiles in his hand both to build his own path and to disrupt the path of the opponent. Players need to build their path beginning on their own side by connecting the path to tiles that are already down. Connections are important because players are not allowed to replace an existing tile with a tile that has fewer valid connections. Player’s can choose either to replace an existing tile, or build into an unoccupied area. The strategy comes in by playing tiles that break the opponent’s path while strengthening your own. Strategy alone is not enough to win though; you will also depend somewhat on luck. Draw the right tiles, place them wisely, and complete your river to win the game.

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