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This category includes many Books that can be used as supplemental sources for your Role Playing Games.

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While many Role Playing Games come with a plethora of modules, or stories, for you to play that include everything you need, there is always the option for either adding to the preexisting story, or writing your own!

Need some good riddles to keep your buddies thinking? Need a list of vile and deadly traps? Are you looking for a detailed set of characters for the town your heroes are in? Regardless of why you want to add to, or create your own adventure, we have a variety of Books that will cater to your needs.

Are your friends strolling through the goblins and orcs you throw at them like a hot knife through butter? Need something a little extra to challenge them, but you don't want them to have the hoard of the dragon after they take it down? Sometimes the perfect way to mix up the game is with solid brain teaser. With the right incentive behind solving the puzzle, your team will be excited to jump any hurdle you place in their way. If you get tired of having a hack-and-slash fueled campaign, pick up one of our Books and drop them into a trap where only wits can save them!

While we hope the descriptions of our Books are enough to help guide you to the right choice, we understand that not every question can be answered in a paragraph or two. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We will do our best to assure you have made the best decision for you and yours!

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