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Books: Shadowman's Twisted Treasury
Books: Shadowman's Twisted Treasury

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Books: Shadowman's Twisted Treasury

What sort of person man builds freakishly clever puzzles laced with riddles and uses them to hide a valuable treasure? What sort of man takes items of un-measurable power, or priceless artifacts and creates cruel death traps that lure in the greedy? Who would take pleasure in watching another person rack their brain for an answer that lies right in front of them?

Meet Shadowman.Shadowman travels the realms looking to find the most devious traps, the puzzles that have driven men insane and the riddles that others have deemed un-solvable. He not only tracks these tricks down, but he masters them. The Shadowman takes on every game of wits he encounters, defeats them, takes their treasures and moves on to the next. He has not yet been met with a mental challenge that has bested him. But what a lonely life to live so far above the intelligence of others.

The Shadowman has a solution to his problem. He has created a series of puzzles, traps and riddles that he has collected over the years and placed behind them all of the vast amounts of wealth he has received. Surely if there is anyone out there in the realms that can rise to the occasion and collect the fortune, he would finally have an equal.

Books: Shadowman's Twisted Treasury contains 128 perfect bound 81/2" x 11" pages with thirty different puzzles that have been crafted in such a way that you can either solve them by yourself or you can place them into any role-playing campaign.The versatility of this book also allows for characters from level 1-20 and beyond!

Publisher : Cloud Kingdom Games

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