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Books: Shadowman's Tricks and Traps
Books: Shadowman's Tricks and Traps

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Books: Shadowman's Tricks and Traps

In this installment of Books: Shadowman's Tricks and Traps the Shadowman returns! He has brought with him a new sampling of frighteningly clever puzzles and mental challenges that can be aimed at either the individual adventurer, or an entire party of self-proclaimed treasure hunters.
Shadowman has returned from his continuous exploration of exotic, remote locations. He has managed to use his wits to his advantage in order to “liberate” a large amount of treasure while studying many deadly traps to use in protection of his gains.
Should you dare, he invites you to attempt to survive a recreation of his favorite adventures. See if you can avoid the perilous traps and get away with all of the valuables.
Best of all, this perfect bound 8" x 10" 128 page Books: Shadowman's Tricks and Traps contains three extra extended puzzle adventures that the famous Shadowman constructed himself! In this adventure, you and your friends are trapped! Neither weapons, nor strength of arm, not even magic will be of any aid to you. By your wits only will you survive. Get whatever treasure you can grab whilst attempting to escape with your lives. Every one of these puzzles is suited for either an individual, or by your entire party. Hints are provided in the book for each puzzle, it's up to you how they can acquire the hint. If your group is a touch younger to the point where help is needed, getting started on the right solution path is easy with steps for solving each puzzle included. Just guide them to the next step and let them solve it. For additional ease in incorporating these puzzles into your game there is a section of the book tailored to help game-masters use them in their role-playing adventures. Who said your game was just hack-n-slash? This source book provides many hours of brain-teasing fun.

Publisher : Cloud Kingdom Games
Author(s) : Matt Mayfield

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