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28 Double Six Dominoes and Two Plastic Trays
28 Double Six Dominoes and Two Plastic Trays

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28 Double Six Dominoes and Two Plastic Trays

In this MK Package Deal: 28 Double Six Dominoes and Two Plastic Trays first we have this set of 28 Double Six Dominoes, sure to provide hours of entertainment. Dominoes is a game that has several variations of play. Popular since the 18th century, most domino games are blocking games, meaning the object of the game is to empty your hand while blocking your opponent from doing so. At the end of a game, scoring is based on the number of pips (spots on a domino) in the loosing player's hand. Blocking games require the use of double six dominoes, like the ones in this MK Package Deal.
However, there are other variations of play, including scoring and drawing games. For scoring games, points are awarded based on certain configurations and moves. For drawing games, players can draw as many tiles as they want from the stack before play begins.
The dominoes included within this MK Package Deal feature brass spinners, which were originally used when dominoes were made with ebony and ivory. The spinner was needed to hold the materials together. Today, however, spinners are mostly used for traditional appearances, to aide in shuffling so that the domino face is protected, and to help pivot dominoes during play.
The wooden box included with this set measures approximately 7.75 inches long. The lid easily slides off for convenient domino access.

Perfectly paired with the dominoes in the MK Package Deal you can now easily store and display your dominoes during game play with this set of two plastic domino trays. Made from durable plastic with secure, slanted slots, each tray has the capability to hold up to 44 dominoes.

With these trays, you will no longer will you have to worry about dominoes falling over or becoming unorganized during a game. Each tray measures approximately 12 inches long and 4 3/4 inches wide.

So grab this MK Package Deal: 28 Double Six Dominoes and Two Plastic Trays to add some quality and class to your Tabletop with the added bonus of functionality!

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